Beautiful Skin

I seem to have this obsession with owning and buying books. I have heaps and heaps of them waiting for me to read but I still buy more and more. I think I enjoy being in the presence of books, the look of them and having the privilege of being able to have many at my house. So from time to time I will go on the Chapters website and look for new ones because as I have expained before I am in desperate need of new ones! Anyways, here is my latest find...
Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin.

Here are some gems from the book:
For Dry Skin

AVOCADO SMOOTHING FACIAL: Avocados can replenish moisture to the skin. An avocado mask can improve very dry skin in a natural way, smoothing your skin to its natural supple state. Smash half of one large avocado until whipped, and apply the soft skin home remedy about 1/4 inch thick to the face. Rinsing with warm water, and then a splash of cold water to close the pores.

Avocado Smoothing Facial “Beauty Byte” – courtesy of Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin

APPLE CIDER MIST: Add an even ratio 50:50 of Apple Cider Vinegar with purified water, and fill-up a mister/spray bottle. Mist your face, after your typical cleansing routine. It will act as a topical astringent. Simple, DIY beauty “byte”!

Apple Cider Acne “Beauty Byte”– courtesy of Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin


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