A Sprig of Parsley in Your Toga

Parsley is an herb most associated with the month of March, as it grows in abundance at this same time of year. From the holistic perspective, many practitioners will advocate chewing on parsley if you're plagued by halitosis or bad breath. And, not to be cheeky, but an old wives remedy recommends soaking parsley in water and swishing it around your mouth if you have a tooth that's loose. But did you also know that eating parsley is also believed to provoke a lusty libido and enhance fertility? The ancient tales tell that in earlier times the Romans would tuck a sprig of parsley into their togas each morning in order to promote its personal protective and sexual enhancing properties. They also garnished their food plates with parsley in order to safeguard from poisoning, a tradition that carries on to this day. In Feng Shui lore, parsley is often used in purification efforts, particularly in purifying or cleansing baths. Soaking in this lore, bathing in parsley is believed to ward off evil and put an end to misfortune and bad luck. If you want to change both your fortunes and your luck, add two cups of Epsom salts and a handful of fresh parsley to your bath. Soak in that for at least twenty minutes in order to cleanse and clear you aura as well as to send bad juju and the evil eye literally down the drain!


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