So much to do!

I have been crazy busy doing what needs to be done for yoga teacher training before I finish next Friday:) I am also getting packed and ready for my road trip! Cleaning, throwing things away, packing, making several lists as I tend to do, getting my car fixed and the oil changed, and of course trying to enjoy the beautiful sunshine:) The rest of this week and weekend are quite busy as well with bridesmaid duties, Friends visiting and family get togethers! I will try to take as many fun pictures as I can and share them with you! Oh, and I am doing something extra spectacular on Thursday and I will be sure to share the pictures!

Hope you are all enjoying your sunny summers my Lovelies!

PS  This is what I learned last week at Yoga:) It's super fun! I think I was a bat in my last life because I love being upside down!

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